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'depa' reveals Digital Content market in Thailand in 2017 flourish to 25,000 million baht and gaming industry rising to 20,000 million baht.

Thailand Digital Content Industry saw a high growth in 2017, totaling at 25,000 million Baht in revenue with the Gaming Industry leading the growth, with approximately 20,000 million baht in revenue, and is expected to grow in upcoming years.
Digital Economy Promotion Agency (depa) part of Ministry of the Digital Economy and Society cooperated with Digital Content Association of Thailand (DCAT), Thai Animation and Computer Graphic Association (TACGA), Thai Game Software (TGA) and ACM SIGGRAPH Bangkok Chapter (BKK ACM SIGGRAPH) disclosed the results of the Digital Content Market Survey of 2017 covering three major sectors namely, animation, game and character. The survey showed that all three sectors combined generated a total of 25,040 million baht in revenue, of which the animation sector accounted for 3,799 million Baht, declining 4% from 2016. However, the game sector showed a total of 19,281 million baht in revenue, anincrease of 18.% from 2016, and similarly, the character sector showed a total of 1,960 million baht in revenue, an increase of 16% from 2016.

Dr. Nuttapon Nimmanphatcharin, President/CEO of depa stated that in conducting the 2017 Digital Content Market Survey, adjustments were made from the 2016 study including the population frame and sampling selection, since some players in the industry may have changed their business operation. Other additions to the survey were the analysis of the global trends, industrial ecosystems and value chains. Moreover, depa had initiated a preliminary study on the consumer behavior and concluded that the primary drivers in this industry are changes in technology, market factors and consumer behaviors. This survey was a collaboration between Digital Content Association of Thailand (DCAT), Thai Animation and Computer Graphic Association (TACGA), Thai Game Software (TGA) and ACM SIGGRAPH Bangkok Chapter (BKK ACM SIGGRAPH).
The Digital Content Industry is the heart of modern mass communications including Media & entertainment, Film, Television, Education and others. The key drivers of the Digital industry are consumer behavior, consumer interests and changes in technology which are rapid and dynamic. The survey showed that the industry had grown 14% from 2016 and is anticipated to grow with the gaming and character industries leading the growth.

“It is expected that The Digital Content Industry will reach 27,005 million baht in 2018 and continue expanding to reach 29,358 million baht in 2019. All three sectors are expected to grow: the animation sector is expected to grow by 2% and 4% in 2018 and 2019 respectively while the game sector is expected to grow by 9% and 9% in 2018 and 2019 respectively. Lastly, the character sector is expected to grow by 12% and 11% in 2018 and 2019 respectively. The forecasted numbers take in to consideration the quantity of work from industrial players that are in production, trends and other market drivers”, said the President of depa.

Dr. Nuttapon further addressed that The Digital Content Industry in Thailand is influenced by production commands both in Thailand and abroad. In 2017, animation outsourced service providers held 54% of the market share of the animation sector, while for the game sector, distributors and importers held over 96% share of the sector and distributors and importers of character held over 92% share of the total sector.

The Digital Content Market Survey 2017 showed that the production and export of animation, game and character generated a total of 1,851 million Baht in revenue, growing from previous year by 50%. The animation sector had an export value of 1,428 million Baht, growing by 81% from 2016 where the main export markets of Thai animated content were China, Japan,
Korea, Europe and the U.S. On the other hand, the game sector showed an export value of 398 million Baht, decreasing from the value of 435 million Baht from last year. The character sector also showed an increase in export value from 14 million baht to 25 million baht.

“Thailand Digital Content Industry has much relied upon international markets, both for the import of patented content and the export of Thai content, even though Thai entrepreneurs are reputable and recognized worldwide. Supporting Thai producers particularly Thai IP Owners would help resolve the issue of international markets marking down prices of Thai products, outbound cash flow and would in turnform a stronger foundation for the Digital Content Industry in the long run. depa is ready to promote and support the development of the Thai Digital Content Industry and increase the competencies of entrepreneurs to be able to compete and grow sustainably. depa is ready to support in raising awareness and the export of the animation, game and character sectors, along with access to funding through the depa Fund to ensure entrepreneurs are able to compete internationally. In addition, depaaims to promote and support new digital content creators through the Digital Startup Program as well as establishing the Internationalization Voucher as a networking platform for producers to exchange information and promote ideas to collaboratively leverage the Thai digital content industry and strengthen the industry as a whole”, Dr. Nattapon stated.

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