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‘Grand Seiko’ Exhibition organized to mark 60th Anniversary Display of rare historic timepieces for the first time in Thailand October 15-31, 2020 at G Floor, Gaysorn Village

“Grand Seiko”, the world’s leading watch brand, led by Hiroyuki Akashi Managing Director of Seiko (Thailand) Company Limited, is organizing a special exhibition to celebrate the brand’s 60th anniversary by putting on display rare historic timepieces meticulously chosen from Seiko Museum to showcase the aesthetics of the radiance of quality which is the traditional hallmark of “Grand Seiko”, from the first iconic watch was created in 1960, all the way to the highly noteworthy timepieces of today that have become the brand’s legend.

The exhibition is set under “The Nature of Time” concept presented through the ambience of the Land of the Rising Sun ablaze with breathtaking natural scenery, and Kabuki, the classical Japanese dance-drama. The event will be graced by celebrities and famous watch collectors who are enthusiastic to admire the masterpiece watches. VIP attendants include Mr. Pravi Techasith and Mr. Khunayut Dejudom.

The Grand Seiko 60th Anniversary Exhibition is taking place from today until October 31st 2020.

The Grand Seiko 60th Anniversary Exhibition is set under the atmosphere of ancient Japan that perfectly reflects the tradition and culture of the country to celebrate and extoll the long history of “Grand Seiko”, Japan’s leading watch brand. At the same time, the masterpiece creations from Seiko Museum in Japan will be displayed in all their glory to awe and vow die-hard Grand Seiko aficionados.

The highlight of the exhibition that everyone has been waiting to see with bated breath is The First Grand Seiko, the very first masterpiece fabricated on December 18th, 1960, at the first Grand Seiko studio in the town of Suwa in central Japan. The Seiko team has been laboring with determination to constantly develop and create the timepiece that can ultimately fulfill the demand for accuracy, durability, comfort and beauty as much as human can devise with the case sculpted from 14K gold and the extra thin movement with the accuracy recognized as being on par with the highest international chronological standards.

Another notable timepiece that has become a legend that later inspired the creation of subsequent Grand Seiko watches – the 44GS model developed in 1967 that later became the prototype for the Grand Seiko style with the polished case and its exquisitely perfect two-dimensional curves. Also prominent are the hands and the large, smooth hour markers complimenting the polished corners that reflect lights beautifully. The surface of the case is highly brushed with absolutely no refraction – indicating the highest accuracy in every step of production.

Another famous watch is the Grand Seiko 62GS introduced in 1967 which was the first watch with automatic movement that incorporated new technologies. This watch’s accuracy has captivated the world’s imagination with the multi-faceted case designed with the wide-open dial design and slim edge combined with Zaratsu brushing to chamfer the edge for smooth appearance and to avoid scraping the skin. This is one of the special Grand Seiko features, that included the repositioning of the winding crown to the 4 o’clock position to signify that manual winding is unnecessary.

Then there is the SBGH005 model that is housed in the 44GS case and launched in 2014. The design is distinctive with stainless steel case and green dial in Iwata pattern which when exposed to light beautiful lines would appear. This model features the first Hi-Beat movement with GMT function with 9S85 movement pulsing at 36,000 bph producing high accuracy. The SBGH005 was awarded the Petite Aiguille Prize at the prestigious Foundation of the Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG) in Switzerland.

Last but not least is a masterpiece SBGC017, a stylish sport watch with Spring Drive movement. This is the first watch with a ceramic shield inspired by a samurai’s armor designed to encase the high-intensity titanium case. Although this model at first seems to be on the large side, it is light-weight and comfortable to wear. It is installed with the 9R96 automatic caliber. The green dial is decorated with momi tree pattern complimented by classical leather strap.

Each of the “Grand Seiko” timepieces projects the extra-special “Radiance of Quality” from the past until the presence with unrelenting quality development in regard to high accuracy, case materials, or even the meticulous chamfering to produce captivating lights and shadows – all a result of attention to details by master craftsmen, including advanced designs that somehow also encapsulate the classical Japanese essence. No doubt, a Grand Seiko is the best watch in terms of high efficiency and timeless beauty that also fulfills all the needs and wants of its proud owners. 

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the determination to create and develop timepieces that possess distinctive characteristics in Grand Seiko of the present, as well as to extoll the creativity and the long history of the Grand Seiko brand, Special Edition watches inspired by legendary masterpieces such as the first Grand Seiko of 1960 will be on display for watch aficionados and true Grand Seiko fans to admire and to take ownership so as to become an integral part of this fabled brand that has combined innovations, identity and spirit into these three Special Edition models – SBGW257, SBGW258 and SBGW259 that bear minimal weights although the dial size have been enlarged from 35 to 38 millimeters for more modern appearance. The shape of the cases and crystals are gently curvaceous while the 9S64 movement is still considered to be highly accurate. The hands retain their classical shapes while the case back windows are made of sapphire glass to reveal the beautiful movements that have been meticulously designed.

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