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Bumrungrad presents its 2023 roadmap for the year of excellence, and announces its new visions and direction to being a successful medical & wellness destination.

The year 2023 will bring about changes because the world has fully recovered from the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the end of 2022, there have been many signs of recovery. For example, the domestic economy has improved because more tourists have come to Thailand. The number of international patients returning to Bumrungrad has been rising. It is expected that, in 2023, international patients will account for almost 50% of our patient load, which resembles our pre-pandemic numbers. The reopening of Thailand and the trend of preventive medical care will help improve the medical & wellness tourism market and the domestic economy.

Mrs. Artirat Charukitpipat, CEO of Bumrungrad International Hospital
, reveals, “Bumrungrad, as a leading private hospital in Thailand, announced our goals for 2023, in the year of excellence press conference. We are determined to achieve our 2023 vision of being the most trusted healthcare and wellness destination. We combine our expertise and experience in treating complex cases with preventive care to deliver the best medical services. We were the first hospital in Asia to initiate and develop preventive care at our VitalLife Scientific Wellness Center, which provides holistic anti-aging medical services. In 2023 we will use the 4W1C framework to achieve and focus on our goals. The 4 C’s are critical care, complicated care, cutting-edge technology and innovation, collaboration of expertise and strong partnerships, and the W stands for wellness and preventive care.”

In 2022, Bumrungrad celebrated many important accomplishments, which reflect our determination to successfully treat critical and complex cases. We opened the Neurocritical Care Unit, Gastrointestinal Motility Center, Cornea Transplant Center, and Comprehensive Sleep Clinic. We also renovated and improved the quality of our laboratory facilities to provide genomic testing utilizing next generation sequencing technology, which is used to determine the order of nucleotides in genomes to detect genetic predispositions. We launched Radiology AI to assist radiologists in analyzing and identifying lung abnormalities and early stage of breast cancer accurately. We have become a digital hospital because we use digital technology to deliver medical services. We launched the Bumrungrad Application to introduce additional services and added the Bumrungrad FastTrack Pay feature to facilitate the payment process. Our patients can pay via the application and do not need to pay at the cashier.

Prof. Dr. Nimit Taechakraichana

In 2023, we will follow our 4C1W principle so that 2023 becomes year of excellence in 4 aspects:

1. People Excellence
Our staff is Bumrungrad International Hospital’s most valuable asset. We have strong policies to recruit, retain, and develop our people as we grow, producing and developing valuable healthcare professionals for Bumrungrad and Thailand. We have a strong organizational culture, which we have maintained throughout the years. One of the activities we always do is to produce and improve valuable healthcare professionals for Bumrungrad and for Thailand. We grant scholarships to nursing students. Prof. Dr. Nimit Taechakraichana, CEO of Bumrungrad Personnel Development and Training Center and Chief Research and Education at Bumrungrad International Hospital, adds, “Bumrungrad established academic institutes to support education and training, so our people are up-to-date with recent research. We are a fully private research hospital, which encourages physicians and healthcare professionals conduct research and publish their findings in national and international journals, sharing our knowledge and expertise with the world. Recently, Bumrungrad received the 2023 Thailand Best Employer Brand Awards Best Employer Brand award and Best Use of Technology for Training and Education award. We also won the 2022 Hospital Management Excellence Award for diversity promotion. We are a public health organization known for respecting differences and diversity. All in all, the awards we received demonstrate Bumrungrad greatly respects and values our staff.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Taveesin Tanprayoon

2. Clinical Excellence

Clinical practice drives success in the medical industry and builds client trust. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Taveesin Tanprayoon, Chief Medical Officer of Bumrungrad International Hospital, explains “Moving forward to 43rd year of establishment, Bumrungrad prioritized developing our centers of excellence. This year Bumrungrad will make additions to our Heart Institute, the Horizon Regional Cancer Center, the Neuroscience Center, the Gastrointestinal Motility Center, and the Eye Excellence Center. These 5 centers of excellence are our flagship centers which will drive our direction in 2023. Our other centers of excellence will still provide medical care that meets international quality and safety standards and continue to develop as we strive to maintain our high standards of care. Bumrungrad has a strong team of physicians who oversee clinical governance so that physicians can perform their work ethically, as moral foundations to underpin our standards of care and patient safety. We have an internal quality assurance system which meets international standards. We also have an ongoing long-term project called “Building Doctors for Tomorrow” which prepares young physicians to be specialists and leaders at Bumrungrad. We have our own medical professional development curriculum, and we partner with other hospitals to expand our centers of excellence. For example, Bumrungrad has partnered with Pitsanuvej Hospital and Nakornthon Hospital to establish the Horizon Cancer Center providing access to international standards of medical care to the patients.

3. Quality and Safety Excellence

Quality and safety are at the heart of our hospital. We are never complacent and continually strive to achieve external accreditations. During COVID-19, Bumrungrad demonstrated competency in managing the spread of the disease. We also had independent entities evaluate our standards of care and safety. We are accredited by the Joint Commission International Accreditation Standards for Hospitals and are an A-list hospital, as evaluated by the Healthcare Accreditation Institute Public Organization. We are also accredited by Global Healthcare Accreditation because we deliver excellent healthcare to international patients seeking medical treatment in Thailand. We are accredited by the College of American Pathologists for the excellent performance of our pathological laboratories and clinical pathology. Quality and safety are important KPI at Bumrungrad.

4. Patient Experience Excellence

Bumrungrad established a solid plan in delivering excellent care to our patients, which is our corporate culture we have passed on from generation to generation for 43 years of our establishment. In 2023, we will modernize the “Bumrungrad Way”, which embodies our patient centric culture for service delivery because providing care with compassion is our strength. The uniquely positive experience patients receive at Bumrungrad makes them want to share the experience with family and friends. This is the best way we build trust with our patients.

Mrs. Artirat Charukitpipat, CEO of Bumrungrad International Hospital
, concludes, “With proof achievements and readiness to move forward to the year of excellence. In 2023, we are determined to drive growth through differentiation. We are committed to continuing to achieve our vision of being the most trusted healthcare and wellness destination. We would not have achieved our vision without the VitalLife Scientific Wellness Center, which is the first holistic center which pioneers preventive, longevity medicine in Asia and has grown substantially, achieving revenue of over 1 billion Baht in 2022. Together with partner hospitals, our RAKxa Wellness & Medical Retreat at Bang Krachao provides holistic medical care to strengthen our brand and delivers patient experience excellence. We are competent and ready to be the most trusted healthcare and wellness destination to promote Thailand as an international medical hub. The Thai medical industry is one of the new S-curve industries and the high quality medical care Bumrungrad provides will increase the reputation and credibility of healthcare services in Thailand, generating more income for the country.

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