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Thailand Tourism Awards, 2023 Introducing TAT’s Low Carbon Vision for Increased Responsibility and Sustainability

TAT are proud to unveil a brand new category at the forthcoming 14th Thailand Tourism Awards, with awards now being presented for Low Carbon Tourism and Sustainability. The category aims to promote and develop new avenues in tourism which are both high value and sustainable.

Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) invites business owners and entrepreneurs to send their entries to the 14th Thai Tourism Awards, 2023.

Mr. Yuthasak Supasorn, Governor of TAT
, stated that ‘The Thailand Tourism Awards are highly respected and recognized globally, and due to the exceptional reputation that the awards have garnered, TAT has continued to hold them biannually, this year’s awards being the 14th in total. For this year’s awards, we will be accepting entries over 5 categories, namely 1. Attraction, 2. Accommodation, 3. Health and Wellness and Tourism, 4. Tour Programmes, and 5. Low Carbon & Sustainability, with the overall aim of creating and meeting Sustainable Tourism Goals. We hope that by placing the emphasis firmly on sustainable, low-carbon tourism we can add value and reach out to environmentally conscious tourists, as well as promoting conservational awareness in both business owners and tourists.’
The Thailand Tourism Awards have proven instrumental in increasing the value of tourism related products and services on a global platform and bolstering confidence amongst the tourists that use these products and services. The awards’ ‘Kinnaree’ logo has now become synonymous with high standards regarding safe, sustainable and responsible tourism.

With a conceptual framework in place for judging, the 14th Thailand Tourism Awards, 2023’s criteria will be based on three main elements – Sustainable Tourism, operating under management processes which are socially, economically and environmentally conscious, and utilizing the BCG Economy model combined with Responsible Tourism and Low Carbon & Sustainability Management, Safety and Health Administration and Customer Interest.

The 14th Thailand Tourism Awards will feature awards for the following 14 categories:

1. Attraction category
– consisting of 6 different subcategories
    1.1 Outdoor & Adventure Activities
    1.2 Learning & Doing
    1.3 Nature & Park
    1.4 Recreation & Entertainment
    1.5 Historical Culture
    1.6 Local & Community

2. Accommodation category
– consisting of 4 subcategories
    2.1 Luxury Hotel
    2.2 Location Hotel
    2.3 Resort
    2.4 Design Hotel

3. Health and Wellness Tourism
– consisting of 4 subcategories
    3.1 Spa
    3.2 Wellness Spa
    3.3 Wellness & Spa Retreat
    3.4 Nuad Thai for Health (Thai Massage for Health)

4. Tour Programmes
5. Low Carbon and Sustainable Tourism

Project benefits
Businesses who are rewarded by the project will receive the project symbol as a quality guarantee in terms of both products and services related to responsible tourism, something which will lead to increased marketing opportunities and the chance to receive subsequent exclusive privileges.

1. Marketing and trade support
  • Invitations to events organized by TAT and associated organizations, including Trade Shows/Road Shows/Consumer Fairs, according to market suitability.
  • Up to 50% discount on entrance fees to events organized by TAT and associated organizations, including Trade Shows/Road Shows/Consumer Fairs both domestically and internationally, according to market suitability.
  • Promotion via TAT affiliated digital marketing media, including video clips/E-books and digital brochures.
2. Promotion
  • Promotion by TAT both offline and online through publications including Amazing Thailand, Thailand Tourism Awards and Osotho magazine.
  • Promotion through online news sites and publications.
  • Promotion through blogs/social media and other online trends.
3. Upskill-Reskill
  • Opportunities to participate in seminars and workshops such as Online Digital Marketing Workshops and Perfect Host Seminar 2023.

The project will be receiving entries between 1st March and 30th April 2023 and the winners will be announced on 8th September 2023, with the awards ceremony taking place on 27th September 2023 to coincide with World Tourism Day.

Business owners and entrepreneurs wishing to enter this year’s awards can prepare by view information, including the judging criteria, through the following channels:

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