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“Phenix” Celebrates Bangkok as a Premier Tourist Destination and Epicenter of Culinary Excellence: Grand Opening with Bangkok Governor, Celebrities, News Anchors, and Renowned Chefs Nationwide. Featuring the World’s Greatest 242 Pans of Pad Thai, Strengthening Thailand's Soft Power Globally.

Bangkok, June 26, 2024 – Asset World Corp Public Company Limited (AWC), Thailand’s leading integrated lifestyle real estate group
, inaugurates the "Phenix" project, the world's food wholesale hub with the largest food lounge in Pratunam, while celebrating Bangkok’s tourism with the world’s largest "242 Pans of Pad Thai" event to celebrate the city’s 242nd anniversary. This event underscores Thailand's globally-recognized culinary heritage as a cornerstone of its soft power. The launch was led by Mr. Chadchart Sittipunt, Governor of Bangkok, and Mrs. Wallapa Traisorat, Chief Executive Officer and President of Asset World Corp Public Company Limited. Also in attendance were prominent figures including Khun Sorayuth Suthassanachinda, Khun Joy Rinlanee Sripen, Khun Bright Pitchayatan Chanput, Khun Tor Saksit Vejsupaporn, AWC executives, renowned chefs from the Thailand Chefs Association, famous Pad Thai restaurants, and representatives from leading establishments. The event highlighted the "Phenix" project as a new iconic destination in Bangkok, seamlessly blending exceptional culinary experiences with a world-class food center at the heart of Pratunam. Developed under the concept "Flavor Gets Its Wing Worldwide," the project aims to strengthen Thailand's culinary influence as a global soft power, propelling the country towards becoming the world’s foremost 'Food Ecosystem Destination'.

Mr. Chadchart Sittipunt, Governor of Bangkok,
highlighted, "Bangkok stands as a crucial destination for both business and tourism, attracting over 25 million visitors annually with its rich arts, culture, and diverse culinary scene, notably Thai cuisine. The 'Phenix' project, centrally located in Bangkok, emerges as a premier culinary destination, showcasing an unparalleled variety of delicious dishes. It integrates renowned Bangkok street food with a diverse array of global culinary ingredients. Through ongoing activities, the project enhances Bangkok's reputation as a culinary hub and introduces diverse culinary experiences, complemented by the upcoming 'Food Museum', set to open this year, which will celebrate the legendary story of Thai cuisine known worldwide. These initiatives not only enhance the appeal of Thai culinary offerings but also provide convenient access to renowned Thai dishes in one central location. They play a crucial role in boosting revenue for local food businesses and entrepreneurs, stimulating the economy, and promoting sustainable food tourism in Bangkok."

Mrs. Wallapa Traisorat, Chief Executive Officer and President of Asset World Corp Public Company Limited (AWC), stated, "Today, we are privileged to be joined by the Governor of Bangkok, celebrities, news anchors, esteemed food entrepreneurs, members of the Thailand Chefs Association, and renowned restaurants. Together, we commemorate a significant milestone in celebrating Bangkok's 242nd anniversary and launching the 'Phenix' project. Through the extraordinary event of creating the world's largest Pad Thai with 242 pans, our aim is to showcase the excellence of Thai cuisine and create something truly remarkable for Thailand's 'Gastronomy Tourism' industry, renowned globally. This initiative aligns with the rising demand for sustainable growth in lifestyle tourism, offering diverse experiences to position Thailand as a leading global destination for sustainable food tourism."

"As the saying goes, 'There is rice in the fields and fish in the water,' a testament to Thailand's natural abundance. Renowned globally as the world's kitchen, Thailand warmly welcomes tourists from every corner of the globe. Recognizing this, AWC places paramount importance on establishing the region's largest food hub under the name 'Phenix'. Spanning over 69,000 square meters, this world-class project aims to cultivate robust business opportunities among food operators, enabling direct interactions between producers and businesses of all sizes to connect directly with suppliers. We emphasize 'comprehensive selections, good value, and competitive wholesale pricing' under favorable terms and conditions. This innovative project introduces a new business model designed to unlock limitless potential by integrating online and offline channels, creating an unparalleled OMNI Channel experience. Its goal is to strengthen industry standards in wholesale and become the ultimate 'Foods Destination For All.'"

The "Phenix" project is officially launching today, celebrating the world’s greatest "242 Pans of Pad Thai" event to honor Bangkok's 242nd anniversary as Thailand's capital. We are thrilled to collaborate with esteemed partners, including renowned chefs like Chef Andy Yang from Pad Thai Fai Ta Lu Restaurant, Chef Gigg Kamol from Lerdtip, and chefs from Thipsamai Restaurant. Joining them are Khun Reed Rapeepan Lueangaramrat from the 'Aroi Lert With Khun Reed' TV program and top chefs from the Thailand Chefs Association, uniting for this significant global event. This initiative highlights Thai cuisine's powerful allure as a soft power, enticing global tourists and food enthusiasts to savor its exquisite flavors. It also aims to rejuvenate and enrich the Pratunam area, a pivotal hub for Bangkok and Thailand's integral retail-wholesale industries.

The Phenix project features a dynamic array of restaurants, including legendary street food vendors, Michelin-recommended restaurants, renowned eateries from across Thailand, and popular outlets recommended by the Cricket Taste of Khun Reed Rapeepan Lueangaramrat of the 'Aroi Lert With Khun Reed' TV program, totaling over 200 venues within Pratunam's expansive food lounge. Spanning more than 20,000 square meters of retail space, the project includes a spacious co-living area, the Phenix Grand Ballroom for large-scale food events and festivals, and the Taste Kitchen—a demonstration area catering to chefs and food entrepreneurs. This destination beckons food lovers, enthusiasts, influencers, and global tourists to explore the 'Phenix' project, offering a diverse selection of culinary experiences tailored to every preference in a single location.

The “Phenix” project also collaborates with global leaders in the food industry, such as Koelnmesse from Germany, renowned food organizer of Anuga and Thaifex, and Yiwu CCC Group, developers and operators of the world's largest wholesale market for miscellaneous goods in Yiwu, China. This partnership aims to create an ecosystem for the food industry, involving leading food manufacturers including Mitr Phol Group, CPF Global Food Solution, Thai Union, Betagro, ThaiBev, BJC (producer of consumer products and services), KCG Corporation (specializing in biscuits, crackers, wafers, and jelly), AAN Trading and Import Export (importer and exporter of premium food products from Hokkaido), PRG Corporation (Thailand's first packaged rice producer), and Siam Winery (Asia's top wine producer). These partners play an essential role in managing the ‘Share Shop’ area within the project, ensuring comprehensive and dedicated support.

Additionally, the "Phenix" project showcases a prominent feature on its 6th floor: a depiction of Ganesha in the Heramba Ganapati pose. This portrayal depicts Ganesha with five heads and ten hands, seated atop a majestic lion, symbolizing supreme power and auspiciousness. It embodies themes of success, fulfillment, love, and happiness. Enshrined on the rooftop of the 6th floor within the project, Ganesha serves as a symbol of prosperity, inviting devotees to pay homage to a prosperous life, catering to cultural preferences, and embracing Thailand's evolving “Mutelu” trend.

The Phenix project aims to create a dynamic lifestyle experience for both Thai consumers and tourists, featuring a diverse range of engaging activities scheduled all year round. These will include mini concerts by renowned artists such as Lisa Ono’s The Greatest Hits Concert on July 6th, 2024, along with performances by other celebrated musicians like Selena Jones and Kenny G. Events like the World Junior Chef Championship, an international cooking competition, and the Phenix Academy will also be highlighted to nurture the next generation of skilled culinary professionals. Additionally, the project will host the Thai Food Festival, uniting food product manufacturers, condiment producers, leading Thai restaurants, and more, in collaboration with the National Food Institute. Future events include the NFI Future Food Event, exploring the future of gastronomy, and the NFI Thailand Vegan Festival, innovating vegan cuisine with authentic Thai flavors.

The “Phenix” project is strategically located in the heart of Pratunam (formerly Pantip Pratunam), offering convenient access via public transportation, valet parking services, and over 20 complimentary shuttle services to various destinations nearby. The wholesale zone operates daily from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., while the food lounge zone is open from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. For further details, including information on special activities, please visit the Phenix Food Wholesale Hub Facebook page or provide your feedback on the website Entrepreneurs interested in joining this initiative can contact the Phenix project at 065-549-6565.

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