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Chao Sua launches New sub-brand “Chao Sua Snacks Pork Crunchy” to reinforce its leadership in Protein Snack Market to please health lovers.

Chao Sua” has unleashed the snack phenomenon by launching the sub-brand “Chao Sua Snacks” by kicking off its first product “Pork Crunchy”, a next-level innovation of Meat Snacks. Crispy pork sticks are combined with either almonds or roasted chilis with a focus on lean, containing 9 grammes of protein. The launch underlines Chao Sua’s leadership in the protein snack market and caters to the new generation's lifestyle looking for tasty snacks with nutritional benefit. “Chao Sua” also aim to conquer the meat snack market by leading this market to grow by more than 50%.

Khun Napatr Morin, CEO of Chao Sua Food Industries PLC
, disclosed further business plans. The company remains committed to its goal to provide high-quality food and becoming a part of Thai daily life with good living. The "Chao Sua" brand continues to grow under the vision “Bringing the Chao Sua secret recipe to you” by delivering innovative and quality products to be top of mind brand for customers. Furthermore, the company enhances product lines to better fit in with consumer preference on every occasion by expanding the sub-brand “Chao Sua Snack” to reinforces the leadership of protein snacks and to penetrate the meat snack market which still has plenty of potential for growth.

Chao Sua Snacks” is a sub-brand of “Chao Sua” that aim to build clearer awareness of product in the company’s portfolio. The sub-brand caters to the growing demand of a new kind consumer who is looking for tasty snacks which are good for them. According to global trends people around the world have turned to delicious snacks with high nutritional levels, “Chao Sua Snacks” falls under the meat snacks category in the group of Better-for-you-snack, which aligns with the current trend of consuming healthier snacks. We see a gap in the market and have developed our product with innovation to response this trend. Latest, we have launches “Pork Crunchy” as an alternative for all snack enthusiasts who prioritize their health. We expect our new product will drive growth in the protein snack market.”

“Chao Sua Snacks Pork Crunchy”, a new snack phenomenon

Khun Sasikarn Mahasiri, Marketing Director of Chao Sua Food Industries PLC
, mentioned that Pork Cuncrhy under the sub-brand “Chao Sua Snacks” was the debut for a transforming innovation into a new format. The product retains the key feature of being the 'Deliciously Enjoyable Protein Snack'. There are two flavors including “Pork Crunchy with Almonds”
- a whopping 9 grams of protein from both pork and almonds, and “Pork Crunchy with roast chili” - combining dried roasted chili with pork for a spicier experience with full-on lean. Both flavors are chock full of protein in every mouthful, and always made with high grades of pork, which is roasted rather than fried, for a product that is crispy and delicious, and a non-guilty pleasure.

In addition, the company is rolling out a comprehensive marketing communication activity that covers consumer awareness and engagement through both offline and online media. “James-Jirayu Tangsrisuk” has been appointed as the company’s new presenter, representing a new generation who are health conscious, playful, and full of positive energy. It is another strategy to enhance the brand image in the snack market with a distinctive character. The product is also being distributed through various channels that are easily accessible to consumers, including leading e-commerce platforms, convenience stores, supermarkets, and other modern trade nationwide.

“Currently, consumers are looking not only for tasty snack, but also added-value product that is nutritional benefit. This is why we believe Chao Sua Snacks Pork Crunchy will greatly appeal to health-conscious youngsters,” said Sasikarn. 

Chao Sua Snacks Pork Crunchy
comes in two pack sizes, 22g for 30 THB and 45g for 60 THB, and is available now on leading ecommerce websites, supermarkets, convenience stores and many other outlets near your home. Online channels comprise, Facebook : Chaosua , Line Official Account : @chaosua and Shopee, Lazada

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