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SOMIC Packaging expands presence in Asia with Grand Opening of SOMIC APAC in Bangkok

The German packaging OEM manufacturer now provides Sales, Engineering, R&D, and packaging design services in the Southeast Asian and Pacific region and strives to fulfil the increasing demand in these markets through its services.

Bangkok, December 15, 2023
– SOMIC Packaging, a leading German manufacturer of shelf-ready packaging machines, marks a significant milestone with the grand opening of its subsidiary, SOMIC Packaging Asia Pacific Co., Ltd. (SOMIC APAC), in Bangkok, Thailand. The event took place at the state-of-the-art SOMIC APAC branch office, located in the vibrant Rama 9 district.

Dr. Gerhard Huber, CEO SOMIC Group, gave the opening speech.
Mr.Lothar Barth, Director Sales International at SOMIC.

SOMIC Packaging, with 50 years of expertise in the packaging industry, is renowned for its commitment to precision, innovation and mechanical engineering perfection. The establishment of SOMIC APAC reflects the company's strategic move to strengthen its international footprint and become a premier partner for businesses in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. “A growing variety of products and fast changing demands of the retail trade will require flexible packaging solutions. SOMIC is the perfect partner not only for the food industry, but also for the pet food, health care and cosmetics sectors for the Asian market.”, explains Lothar Barth, Director Sales International at SOMIC.

The heart of SOMIC APAC lies in its showroom, featuring the latest innovation in integrated packaging machinery—the SOMIC 434. The cutting-edge showroom serves as a tangible space for clients in the APAC region to experience firsthand the quality and efficiency of SOMIC's packaging solutions.

Lukasz Myszkowski, Managing Director of Sales at SOMIC APAC
, emphasized the company's dedication to providing high-quality service standards and innovative technology. "SOMIC Packaging sees great potential in the Asian market and is ready to support its growth. With the establishment of our new hub in Bangkok, we aim to be the go-to solution for businesses in the region seeking top-notch packaging machinery and services."

The SOMIC APAC office, spanning over 600 square meters, is equipped with the latest SOMIC 434, a wrap-around packaging machine that represents a new generation of advanced packaging technology. SOMIC's 434 offers outstanding modular flexibility with functional units tailored to format needs, ensuring a customized and future-proof design.

SOMIC’s subsidiary in Thailand will also offer personalized service. The on-site Sales and Service team, comprised of industry experts with a deep understanding of the local market, is committed to delivering exceptional customer service. The team will serve as the direct contact for users from the APAC region, ensuring a seamless experience for clients.

The inauguration of the 'SOMIC APAC' office was recently held with partners and guests, who were able to gain a comprehensive impression of both the branch and the packaging specialist's complete solutions. In addition, there was also a demonstration of the use of the latest packaging machinery, SOMIC 434 by using a blank loading system, called COBOT (Collaborative Robot). Follow us for more information on

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