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NIA is proud to present "Bangkok - Vienna Innovation District Exhibition" To celebrate 150th Thai-Austrian Diplomatic Relations

National Innovation Agency (Public Organization) or NIA, in collaboration with the Royal Thai Embassy in Vienna and City of Vienna, organized "Bangkok - Vienna Innovation District Exhibition" on October 6th-17th, 2019 at Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall, Bangkok, to celebrate the 150th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Thailand and Austria. They aim to expand the network in smart city development in Thailand and Austria in order to share knowledge, and increase the movements on area-based innovation.

Dr. Pun-Arj Chairatana, NIA Executive Director said, "NIA, the Royal Thai Embassy in Vienna and the City of Vienna have been working together in several dimensions, especially in building the knowledge network in innovation district development continuously. Recently, it was a pleasure to have experts from the City of Vienna as lecturers in Chief City Innovation Officer Program (CCIO).”

“NIA has initiated and developed the innovation districts with the mission to create a suitable ecosystem for national innovation development. We started in Bangkok which is an important economic center with a potential to create innovative development. Now, it becomes one of the most important investment destinations in Asia. NIA is now developing 7 innovation districts which are Rattanakosin Innovation District, Yothi Medical Innovation District, Pathumwan Innovation District, Khlong San Innovation District, Kluaynamthai Innovation District, Bangkok CyberTech District, ​​and Lat Krabang Innovation District. These districts will be connected to be Bangkok Innovation Corridor, in order to create a new economic route of the city. The area has be a mixed-use area, which means the area is an open space to exchange ideas and motivate the target group to create an innovative business. In addition, the important thing is to connect the database of all 7 innovation districts which must be easy to access and easy to make investment decisions. The data must show all 3 aspects which consists of 1. Physical assets: location, types, and transportation. 2. Economic assets: sector and startup in the area information. 3. Network asset: funding agencies and knowledge exchange. This platform will help us to understand and recognize area’s characteristics and distinctive points."

This exhibition consists of the showcase of Innovation districts of Bangkok and Vienna, The Bangkok Innovation Districts book launch, which combines ideas, opportunities, and images of future changes in the development of the innovation districts in 6 innovation districts (Rattanakosin Innovation District, Yothi Medical Innovation District, Pathumwan Innovation District, Khlong San Innovation District, Kluaynamthai Innovation District, ​​and Lat Krabang Innovation District), and the City of Innovation book launch, which is a photo book of "One Shot Knockout: Innovation District" competition. The pictures show different innovative styles in various districts captured by amateur and professional photographers who have been to the 7 Innovation Districts (Yothi Medical Innovation, Pathumwan Innovation District, Rattanakosin Innovation District, Pattaya City, Chiang Mai, Phuket and Khon Kaen). Lastly, there are also the exhibition tours in Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall which show the evolution of the way of life of Thai people.

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