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HP Launches World’s First Dual-Screen Gaming Laptop and New Line of Gaming Innovation

 With cutting edge displays and accessories, OMEN and HP Pavilion Gaming level up gaming experiences

  • OMEN X 2S: World’s first dual-screen gaming laptop with first of its kind liquid metal compound cooled CPU
  • OMEN 15 : Strikingly powerful yet thin laptops featuring new OMEN Tempest advanced thermal solution
  • OMEN Command Center: Performance Control and Dynamic Power maximizes frames-per-second by tuning CPU and GPU usage in real-time
  • HP Pavilion Gaming 15: Extreme versatility, mobility and gaming performance for all

Bangkok, June 13, 2019
— HP Thailand unveiled a powerful lineup of OMEN and HP Pavilion Gaming innovations, raising the bar for gaming experiences.

The OMEN X 2S – the world’s first dual-screen gaming laptop – provides extraordinary power and multitasking capabilities, the OMEN 15 laptops bring exceptional power in their thinnest forms yet, and the HP Pavilion Gaming 15 laptop offers outstanding versatility and mobility for gamers and creatives alike. In addition, with enhancements to OMEN Command Center software and new OMEN and HP Pavilion Gaming and accessories, HP has engineered an industry-leading gaming ecosystem that delivers everything gamers need to progress and achieve their goals.

Gaming industry insights show 82 percent of people use their mobile phones for messaging during gaming sessions, 61 percent listen to music, and 49 percent watch game related live streams, video content and browse websites. With this in mind, HP has added an unprecedented second screen to the OMEN X 2S in the form of an easy-to-use six-inch 1080p touchscreen that lets players message friends in WeChat and WhatsApp, browse in Spotify, watch Twitch and YouTube or even serve as a hub for OMEN Command Center software.

Pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with game-changing evolutionary and revolutionary products reflects the philosophy of reinvention at HP,” said Pavin Vorapruck, Managing Director – HP Inc. (Thailand) “The OMEN brand continues to think big and OMEN X 2S is a prime example of how we are setting new standards and changing how a gaming laptop is used.

Pavin continued: “In the past few years gaming has secured its mainstream status, with Asia-Pacific and markets like Thailand driving the evolution for the rest of the world. Our understanding of the needs of the Asian gamer has allowed us to engineer these game-changing devices that not only provide a truly immersive in-game experience, but ensures we create something for every type of gamer who want to Play to Progress.” 
Laptops Designed for Next-Gen Gaming 

As the first dual-screen gaming laptop, the OMEN X 2S shakes the foundation of what’s expected of a gaming laptop, with tremendous multi-tasking capabilities for various activities and support with dedicated hotkeys. Watching how-to videos while playing, listening to the right song on Spotify while grinding a MMO, or keeping current with Twitch chat or Discord is no longer an alt-tabbing hassle. The OMEN X 2S, further bolstered by a real-time screen mirroring feature that can cut and magnify parts of the main screen – including copying the map portion of a racing game – to the second screen, ensures vision is centered and head movement more vertical than horizontal.

This powerhouse is 20 mm thin with a full metal chassis and is the first 15-inch diagonal gaming laptop in the world to come with an applied liquid metal compound to the thermal system by way of Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut. The result is phenomenal heat dissipation at 10 times the thermal conductivity of silicon thermal grease, up to a 28 percent[1] frames-per-second (FPS) performance boost over traditional grease when testing in Apex Legends, and an 8.5 percent[2] faster lead time in a Blender Benchmark test.

The path to smaller, cooler, and more powerful applies to the newest version of the OMEN 15 laptop. With a 20 percent reduction in thickness over previous versions, they sit at a slim 20 mm thin.

Both laptops feature OMEN Tempest, an overhauled advanced thermal solution powered by a 12V fan, which utilizes three-sided venting to enable five-way airflow to keep things ultra-cool. Realistic visuals are delivered by support by Max-Q design for the OMEN X 2S and OMEN 15. Additionally, multitasking and grand-scale games – which take mountainous resources – have never been smoother, with up to the latest 9th Gen Intel® Core™ i9 high performance mobile processor, powered by up to 5.0 GHz Turbo, eight cores and 16 threads, and up to 32 GB of RAM.

OMEN Command Center Updates

Since its creation, OMEN Command Center has evolved as the software solution for managing and enhancing gaming hardware. The evolution continues with two additions coming to the platform for all three new OMEN devices. Performance Control cranks up fan RPM to either maximize cooling or performance, based on the chosen setting. The new OMEN Dynamic Power feature manages CPU and GPU wattage based on what a game is utilizing at a given moment to maximize FPS. Combined, these powerful additions serve to improve gameplay while also adding a level of flexibility.

Game with Wireless Exceptionalism

Become a cord breaker with the OMEN Photon Wireless Mouse. With a variety of customization options, including removable rests and 11 customizable buttons, it’s laboriously crafted and includes a tensioning-balance system that ensures effortless optical-mechanical mouse clicks for big and little fingers alike. To address concerns of latency, connectivity, and battery life in wireless mice, OMEN Photon features 2.4 GHz Proactive Wireless Technology, 0.2ms click response time.

Versatile Gaming on the Go

Designed with a thinner frame than before, the latest HP Pavilion Gaming 15 laptop arrives with an eight percent decrease in height over the previous model. Technological improvements across the board arrive with options up to the latest 9th Gen Intel Core i5/i7 high performance mobile CPUs and up to the recently announced NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1660 Ti with Max-Q design.

Expertly crafted to yield precise aim and cursor movement along with a variety of customization options such as on-the-fly DPI and RGB lighting effects, the HP Pavilion Gaming Mouse 200 gives users a superb gaming experience. It pairs brilliantly with the HP Pavilion Gaming Mousepad 400, which utilizes a fine-textured anti-fray cloth surface that is optimized for both speed and control playstyles while resting on a rubber base.

OMEN by HP Pricing and Availability

· OMEN X 2S Laptop to be available in July via and other retailers for a starting price of 99,990 Baht (VAT Included)
· OMEN 15 Laptop to be available in July via and other retailers for a starting price of 49,990 Baht (VAT Included)
· OMEN Photon Wireless Mouse to be available in July via and other retailers for a starting price of 4,990 Baht (VAT Included)
· OMEN Outpost Mousepad to be available in July via and other retailers for a starting price of 4,990 Baht (VAT Included)
· Pavilion Gaming 15 Laptop now available via and other retailers for a starting price of 25,990 Baht (VAT Included)
· Pavilion Gaming Mouse 200 to be available in July via and other retailers for a starting price of 990 Baht (VAT Included)
· Pavilion Gaming Mousepad 400 to be available in July via and other retailers for a starting price of 990 Baht (VAT Included)

For more information about the OMEN by HP ecosystem of gaming PCs, displays and accessories, visit:

About HP
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[1] Based on HP Internal Testing using frames per second in Apex Legends game comparing standard thermal solution to
Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut 4/19. OMEN X configuration with Intel i7-9750H, 16GB DDR4-2666, RTX2070 Max-Q
[2] Based on Blender Benchmark comparing standard silicon thermal solution verses Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut 4/19. OMEN X configuration with Intel i7-9750H, 16GB DDR4-2666, RTX2070 Max-Q.

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