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Fujifilm Announces Major Move to Make Inroads in Healthcare Business With the Launch of its One-Stop, Total Healthcare Solution

Equipped with comprehensive image processing solutions, the company leverages its expertise and 80-year-experience to help elevate the healthcare industry around the world and contribute to Thai society.

Bangkok, 16 February 2023 — FUJIFILM Healthcare Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd., a leading provider of total healthcare solutions, has announced a major business plan to expand its healthcare business operations in Thailand. The company also unveiled its One-stop, Total Healthcare Solution, which includes a comprehensive line-up of medical imaging and informatics solutions backed by years of expertise in advanced medical image processing and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The expanded diagnostic product portfolio will help clinicians make more accurate and efficient medical diagnoses. Fujifilm leverages its unrivalled expertise and experience in medical imaging technology spanning over 80 years in order to innovate better healthcare in Thailand.

Fujifilm stated that it places a high value on the Thai market, where medical innovations can help improve the country's healthcare services. Fujifilm will never stop innovating to help solve social issues and build a more sustainable society and a healthier world, reaffirming its unwavering commitment. The company aims to achieve a global sales target of ¥700 billion for its medical systems business in the fiscal year ending March 2027 and 30% growth from the fiscal year ending March 2022, as part of its greater target of ¥1 trillion for its healthcare segment.

Mr. Noriyuki Kawakubo, Managing Director, FUJIFILM Healthcare Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
, gave an overview of Fujifilm’s business, “Fujifilm is a global leader in innovations. We are known as a leading maker of photographic film. Over the years, Fujifilm has reinvented the business to meet new demands and embrace new opportunities through non-stop innovation and diversification into new areas to provide cutting-edge solutions to customers across industries. Our goal is to utilize our expertise in the photographic industry to create innovations that add new values to society. We have been growing through four business segments: 1. Healthcare 2. Materials 3. Business Innovation 4. Imaging.”

“Fujifilm places great importance on the Healthcare business. Our first steps into the medical and healthcare business date to 1936 with the launch of our world-renowned X-ray film. In 1981, Fujifilm developed the world’s first digital method for diagnostic X-ray imaging using a special photosensitive plate. The technology led to the creation of Fuji Computed Radiology (FCR) in 1983. As we move forward into the 21st century, digital medical imaging technology has become a big part of facilitating clinicians to achieve more accurate and efficient medical diagnoses. This advanced technology helps elevate the healthcare industry and enhance the quality of life for people around the world. Fujifilm will continue to innovate to shape the future of healthcare as the world drives a complete digital transformation,” explained Mr. Noriyuki Kawakubo.

In 2021, Fujifilm accelerated the growth of its healthcare business through its acquisition of the diagnostic imaging-related business of Hitachi, Ltd. (Hitachi) to set up FUJIFILM Healthcare Corporation.
This major business move further solidifies Fujifilm’s healthcare portfolio. FUJIFILM Healthcare gives Fujifilm a more comprehensive lineup of products in medical diagnostic imaging. Apart from Fujifilm’s existing medical equipment such as X-ray diagnostic imaging systems, endoscopy, ultrasound systems, in-vitro diagnostics as well as medical IT systems, the company now presents a complete and integrated portfolio of diagnostic products and services, including CT and MRI. Moreover, the integration of these solutions with “REiLI”, Fujifilm’s medical AI technology, Fujifilm is striving to create an open platform with wide-ranging value that provides robust support for diagnostic imaging.

“With our new one-stop solution and our strategic plan to further expand in the healthcare business, we are on a mission to contribute back to society and connecting clinicians with cutting-edge medical technologies under the concept “Bridging the Future of Healthcare” which help to cement our leading position as a total healthcare solution provider,” Mr. Noriyuki Kawakubo firmly stated.

Mr. So Maruo, Managing Director, FUJIFILM (Thailand) Ltd.
, said, “FUJIFILM Thailand has been conducting business in line with the company’s global mission to find solutions for societal problems and help build a sustainable society. One of the primary goals of our CSR plan, Sustainable Value Plan 2030, is to improve accessibility to medical service. We are working to provide innovative solutions for medical image diagnosis. Fujifilm’s strength lies in our capabilities to integrate these solutions with AI and IT solutions that can contribute to early and accurate detection of diseases, significantly reducing clinicians’ workload. The practical diagnostic solution allows hospitals to treat more patients, leading to more access to healthcare services for those living in remote areas while creating better lives for Thais and people around the world.”

Among Fujifilm’s innovation highlights was the portable X-ray unit called “FDR Xair” that supports various outreach medical screening services. FDR Xair, which weighs only at 3.5 kilograms, is easy to carry and operate. The portable device is ideal for out-of-hospital health visits for patients in remote areas. FDR Xair is a lightweight, portable, yet powerful X-ray unit. It is built for operations in remote settings. When used in combination with digital radiography FDR D-EVO II equipped with Virtual Grid image-processing technology, the system offers higher-resolution images. “With the powerful FDR Xair, Fujifilm successfully conducted tuberculosis (TB) screenings among hard-to-reach populations in Thailand’s Chiang Rai, in collaboration with MFU Wellness Center, Mae Fah Luang, as well as Vietnam, the Philippines, and Bangladesh, helping medical workers find more TB cases and ensure the patients receive timely care,” Mr. So Maruo said.

Another one of a kind innovation created to improve diagnostic procedures during surgical operation is FDR Cross, a digital cable-less mobile surgical C-arm system that delivers higher-resolution images. Built with flexibility of interchangeable detector size , FDR Cross is a smart Flurocart system. The dual-function FDR Cross offers both Fluoroscopy, real-time X-ray imaging, and Digital Radiography systems in one single platform.

“For the past 3 decades, FUJIFILM Thailand has earned the trust of medical professionals since the company’s establishment in Thailand in 1989. Our strength lies in our capability to offer a comprehensive image processing solution that better supports doctors' image diagnoses. We also offer timely and effective services and medical equipment maintenance. Fujifilm sees Thailand as an important market for our healthcare business. With this integration, we can expect a 30% growth rate in sales revenue of our healthcare business in Thailand for the fiscal year ending March 2027. We aim to become No.1 total healthcare solution provider in the digital medical imaging sector in Thailand.”

In 2019, FUJIFILM Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. collaborated with Mahidol University's Department of Radiological Technology to establish the “MAHIDOL UNIVERSITY- FUJIFILM Asia Pacific Healthcare Learning Academy (MU-FAHLA) Center for Advanced Medical Imaging Informatics,” the first of its kind in Asia Pacific. Recognizing Mahidol University as a top prestigious university in the region and Fujifilm as a global leader in digital imaging and medical informatics innovation, both are capable of providing continuous structured and systematic educational programs for Radiological Technologists and Hospital IT professionals both internationally and within the reach of local Thai technologists. The center located at the Science and Medical Technology Building, Faculty of Medical Technology, Mahidol University has already produced more than 50 PACs Administrators & Engineers and currently practicing in country like Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar and other countries.

“As a responsible corporate citizen, Fujifilm is firmly committed to solving social issues in Thailand, especially in the area of improving accessibility to quality healthcare. Through our innovative technology that supports wide-ranging mobile applications, we are determined to create a healthier world for all. Fujifilm is ready to work with the public sector and business partners to provide innovative healthcare solution and create new values for society under our NEVER STOP global campaign,” Mr. Noriyuki Kawakubo concluded.

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