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Mazda sets its goal to be Top Customer Retention Brand with Retention Business Model and aims for sustainable growth

Bangkok, Thailand – April 5, 2023
– Mazda Sales Thailand announces its business direction for the sustainable growth, aims to enhance customer experience with brand value management and aftersales services which in line with the Retention Business Model approach. It also sets the target to be top customer retention brand and top service retention in Thailand to deliver smile and happiness to customers and lead business to the sustainable growth.

The President of Mazda Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Mr. Tadashi Miura said, “We would like to show our appreciation to Thai customers for trusting Mazda product and for the support. Since 2022, Mazda has set the new business direction to drive business for sustainable growth with Retention Business Model with an aim to deliver best customer experience in every touchpoints and provide excellent services from pre-orders to aftersales service. Our top priority is to enhance brand value and create long-term customer engagement, which is the important policy that Mazda adheres to as a guideline in both Thailand and worldwide. From the approach, Mazda succeeded last year and received good feedback from customers, Mazda fans as well as dealers.”

For the last fiscal year 2022, it can be said that Mazda has successfully implemented the Rentention Business Model, especially in terms of service retention, which has increased from 72% in FY2018 to 85% in FY2022 with the repurchase rate increasing from 15% in FY2018 to 30% in FY2022 or increasing 100%, which is in line with Mazda's plan. Mazda CPO good quality used car business, is going well. Residual value of used cars has been increasing. For example, resale price of 6-year-old Mazda2 has increased to around 55%.

Mr. Tadashi Miura
reveals about this vision toward the Thai automotive industry in the FY2023 that the overall Thai economy in 2023 is expected to grow from the FY2022, with GDP growth expected to be in the range of 3.5%-3.7%, benefiting from the expansion of private consumption, economic recovery, tourism, agriculture and exports. All of these factors cause more spending and drive the economy. However, it is expected that the overall automotive industry will grow slightly about 5% and the total industry is expected to be about 900,000 units, while Mazda has set market share of 3.5% and we will add new models to the lineup.”

Another achievement of Mazda is the development of SKYACTIV vehicle that offers fuel efficiency, delivers fun-to-drive experience and it is environmentally friendly. Along with using the KODO design Soul of Motion approach to make the car outstanding. Mazda started selling the first SKYACTIV technology vehicle in Thailand in November 2013 and it was highly success. To present, there are over 360,000 units of Mazda vehicles in the possession of customers. It can be separated into 224,000 units of Mazda2, which is the most popular model in the small passenger car market, 42,000 units of Mazda3, 30,000 units of Mazda CX-3, 20,000 units of Mazda CX-30, 35,000 units of Mazda CX-5, 6,000 units of Mazda CX-8, 150 units of the convertible sports roadster Mazda MX-5 and another 3,000 units of Mazda BT-50 pickup truck.

Mr. Thee Permpongpanth, Senior Vice President of Mazda Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd, said, “In the 2023, Mazda will continue to pursue Retention Business Model, the new strategy announced last year. However, we will add new goals that are even more challenging in order to be the Top Customer Retention brand. We would like to be the brand that customers choose and being the top brand that creates customer satisfaction, while still maintaining our market share in each region as well as presenting brand value through customers’ experiences and satisfaction. This is our commitment that is in line with the Mid-Term Management Plan, focusing on enhancing brand value (Brand Value Management) for sustainable growth.” 

All mentioned above is the direction that strengthens Mazda brand to achieve the target and become top of customer retention and top of service retention brand. Mazda promises that we will be the brand that offers customers’ happiness to thanks them for trusting and choosing Mazda cars to deliver fun-to-drive experience throughout the journey.

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