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UNPKFC launched the GLOBAL SPACE LEADERSHIP PROGRAM, emphasizing opening the space for all youth.

The official press conference for launching the GLOBAL SPACE LEADERSHIP PROGRAM under the concept of “Space Access for All” was successfully held.

The program has been established through the cooperation of The United Peace Keepers Federal Council (UNPKFC), the Himalayan Space Centre (HSC), the United Nations Association Coachella Valley California, USA Chapter (UNA-USA), King Prajadhipok Institute’s Society (KPIS), and Adventure of Humanity. The aim is to advance and support their collective commitment to expanding global cooperation, through the collaborative initiatives that promotes inspiration, hope, and knowledge through education and imagination, playing crucial roles in guiding our collective response to urgent challenges like climate change, which significantly impact humanity.

The launch of the GLOBAL SPACE LEADERSHIP PROGRAM, under the “Space Access for All” concept, marks a pivotal step. The program aims to enhance processes from facilitating learning to advancing technological development. These align with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 4: "Quality Education" and 17: "Partnership for the Goals."

This initiative seeks to revive and strengthen global cooperation to achieve sustainable development and foster positive global transformation.

The launching event featured Dr.Tithima Lorpiphat, President of KPIS and Expert Member of King Prajadhipok’ s Institute Council , as the Opening Ceremony Chairperson. During the event, Dr. Aphinita Chaichana, Global President of UNPKFC(United Peace Keepers Federal Council) and Global Chairman Southeast Asia of United Nations Association Coachella Valley California, USA Chapter (UNA-USA), stated that the UNPKFC, in collaboration with Mr. Afroz Mamun, Founder and CEO of HSC, and Space Camp Ambassador NASA USA, Ruta Muda Princess Karen Cantrell, President of the UNA-USA United Nations Association Coachella Valley California, USA Chapter , alongside Mr. Richard Nilsson, President of Adventure of Humanity, established by Michael Jackson and Nelson Mandela, and Dr. Tithima Lorpiphat President of KPIS , as well as effective partnerships, can empower youth to shape the future more effectively.

Dr.Tithima Lorpiphat
Dr. Aphinita Chaichana

The event brought together many organizations and partnerships, aiming to provide opportunities for youth to access quality education equally and for free, whereby the program is divided into six cohorts of 500 participants each, totaling 3,000 Students. It is initiated on the auspicious occasion of His Majesty the King’s 6th Cycle Birthday Anniversary, with the collaboration of KPIS, the Dr. Thiam Chokwatana Foundation, Saha Pathanapibul Public Company Limited, Nawaminthrachinuthit Satri Witthaya School 2, and Satri Witthaya School, forming a robust coalition to achieve the program's objectives.

During the event, “Youth Ambassadors for Peace” were appointed to engage in peace-building activities, gain academic knowledge, and understand related SDGs. This prepares them mentally and physically for their mission and boosts their confidence to promote resilience and a culture of peace globally. Additionally, Miss Rangsima Thongpunchung, Secretary to the Commission on Solving Debt and Poverty Problems and Reducing Inequality in the House of Representatives, was appointed Country Director of HSC Thailand.

On this occasion, the program's committee congratulated Dr. Aphinita Chaichana Global President of UNPKFC(United Peace Keepers Federal Council) and Global Chairman Southeast Asia of United Nations Association Coachella Valley California, USA Chapter (UNA-USA), on her new role on the Special Advisory Board of the United States and as a global chair for the Southeast Asia region of the UNA-USA. She is also the first Thai recipient of the King Charles Leadership Award from the Royal Society of London, United Kingdom, granted by the Royal Society of St. George.

The event was attended by many notable figures and organizations from both governmental and private sectors, including the Thai-Korean Veterans Association under Royal Patronage, UNPKFC Young Peace Ambassador, Nawaminthrachinuthit Satri Witthaya School 2, the Thai Song Dam (Tai Dam) Association, the Thai Song Dam Foundation (Ethnic Group), and many other partnerships that will send their youths to the program, ensuring the Space Access for All and that no one is left behind.

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