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Zilingo spends 7,000 million Baht for expanding the shopping online platform in global level

Zilingo, shopping online platform, spends $226 million or exceeding 7,000 million baht for penetrating South East Asia because we found that the overview of e-commerce market in South East Asia significantly increases and achieves a quantum leap growth. In this sense, Zilingo expands the B2B platform with supplier bases in Vietnam, Bangladesh and Cambodia. Moreover, Zilingo sets up an office in Manila, Philippines.

By focusing on the global fashion & lifestyle industry is over $3 trillion in size and it relies heavily upon merchants and suppliers in Asia. But the small businesses which are the backbone of this industry are extensive with middlemen and marred by out-of-date tech. Zilingo realises this pain point and the opportunity to growth. The result of this has led us to continually expand the business in this region since 2561 and also provide a full-stack platform which can solve massive efficiencies in the supply chain and in turn, change the lives and trajectories of merchants. Besides, when the merchant is fully enabled, they are able to provide to the ultimate consumer the best prices, the best quality and the most diversity in choice.

Angiti Bose envisions a future where Zilingo stands at the apex of the fashion world as the champion for fashion democracy and inclusivity by supporting our both customers; B2C and B2B for their business growth.

In case of B2C, it is an online platform for vendors, SMEs or Small re-sellers, selling in small quantity and wants to represent their products to the world. Once they are selling at some offline market, there will be a lot of fixed cost to pay and the number of visitors is limited. However, selling with Zilingo, we offer to these vendors visibility to the world, to many countries. For example, we offer financial support and provide photoshoot that with under market price.

In terms of B2B, it is similar to B2C business model that we have except for the vendors that we are focusing is much larger scale like manufacturers, garment factories or even distributors to be on our B2B online platform. That we will be represented across Geos to open to new business opportunity and we have ecosystem supports for B2B vendors as same as B2C. It could be seen that our main vision is to help these people grow along with us by providing them as much help as we could.

For doing marketing in Thailand, Zilingo has more than 100K SKUs that specifically chosen for Thai people. Most of vendors are local vendors, so they know what Thai people’s demand and what Thai people like on trend. But all Geos of Zilingo, we are united to the same vision and that is to encourage people out there to be themselves, we believe in equality and human right. We all deserve to be whoever we truly are.

Angiti said “We all have our own specialty which is fashion & lifestyle, with our base customer in 4 Geos (Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines), we can provide our customers the most fashionable trend in SEA. We want to provide the best products to our customers which we are selecting thoughtfully every day.” In the future, we have planned to develop a beneficial tools for supporting our customers to make an easy decision such as buy now pay later and return policy within 15 days.

Currently, Zilingo provides services to both B2C and B2B in more than 15 countries including Thailand, United State, Brazil, India, Bangladesh, South Korea, Hongkong, China, Cambodia, Vietnam, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and Philippines. This accounted for 25,000 merchants, 400 employees, 100k indirect employees and 1,200 manufactures.

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