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"Elevate Your Parenting Game with The Good Day Lab™!

Attention Moms & Dads: Meet The Good Day Lab™ by GQ Apparel! Our USA-standard children's clothing is not just stain-resistant and easy-to-clean, but also CPSIA certified for safety. Less laundry stress, more quality time. Trust in The Good Day Lab™. We're with you every step of the parenting way!

GQ Apparel
, a Thai leading brand in apparel technology, understands the daily struggles of parents managing their kids' clothes. Hence, we've brought in The Good Day Lab™, the #1 selling children's innovative clothing brand in the USA, to address these concerns directly. Our cutting-edge water-repellent technology means stains wash off with just a splash of water! This not only saves moms significant time but also features specially dyed fabrics that resist fading and ensure longevity – perfect to hand down from one generation to the next. The Good Day Lab™ offers a range of tees, shirts, and polos, ensuring versatile style options for every occasion.

Clean Shield Tech™
, the same technology as GQ White™, shields clothing from everyday messes, whether it's playtime smudges, water, oil stains, or food remnants.

Super Stretch fabric offers ultimate comfort and supports every movement.

Airflow Fabric ensures breezy wearability, letting kids stay active all day.

No-Itch Print Tag eliminates any discomfort from scratchy tags on the back.

Additionally, our stain-resistant polos and shirts come with extra features:

Anti-Warping Collar maintains its shape without any warping or easy wear-out.

Anti-Shrink Design with specialized fabric prevents post-wash shrinkage.

Anti-Fade Protection uses a unique dyeing technique to keep colors vibrant and long-lasting.

Super Strong Buttons withstand any rough play without popping off easily.

All these are tested and certified by CPSIA for safety, meeting the quality standards of the USA. Feel confident letting your kids engage in imaginative play and learning experiences to the fullest. 

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