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Mercedes-Benz donates 2 million baht from "Shine for Tomorrow" campaign to four hospitals at the forefront of battling with Covid-19

Mercedes-Benz Thailand has successfully concluded its "Shine for Tomorrow" campaign after Mercedes-Benz customers joined in to pose with their vehicle with headlamps on and share the photos on social media during April 28 and May 31. This initiative is intended as a fundraising event from which proceeds go to four key hospitals at the forefront of treating patients afflicted with Covid-19 in Thailand, and as a “thank you” gesture to health care professionals as they are battling with the ongoing situation. The campaign received an overwhelming response from the public and earned 2 million baht of donation in total.

Mr. Roland Folger, President and CEO of Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) Limited, said, “Mercedes-Benz launched the 'Shine for Tomorrow' campaign to encourage Mercedes-Benz vehicle owners to band together in thanking medical professionals for their hard work and dedication in improving health and wellbeing of Thai people during the pandemic, with Mercedes-Benz donating 500 baht for each post."

Throughout the period of the "Shine for Tomorrow" campaign, thousands of Mercedes-Benz owners, including celebrities like Jetrin “J” Wattanasin, had marched in to champion the medical staff. The participants engaged with the event by posting a picture of themselves with their Mercedes-Benz while turning the headlamps on on social media of their choice, such as Facebook and Instagram. Along with these dazzling and meaningful photos attached encouraging messages and hashtags #ShineForTomorrow #MercedesForTomorrow #MercedesBenzThailand that each participant wrote to support medical workers.

Folger added, "Through this campaign, we managed to raise a total of 2 million baht as expected. We have allocated 500,000 baht to each of the four hospitals that are at the front and center in taking care of patients infected with the novel coronavirus, including Siriraj Hospital, Ramathibodi Hospital, Chulalongkorn Hospital and Bamrasnaradura Infectious Diseases Institute, to support the hospitals in their medical operations and future researches on Covid-19 vaccine."

“On behalf of Mercedes-Benz, I would like to thank everyone for being part of this celebration of the heroes who keep us save and sound during the pandemic. We are proud to be able to leverage our communication and advocacy power to contribute to the greater good. Such initiative as ‘Shine for Tomorrow’ proves that the spirit of solidarity is invaluable empowerment. It also goes to show that, whenever our world is in crisis, the collective support from fellow members of the society will always be the light of hope that shines through the dark," concluded Folger.

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