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“Morphosis Apps” continues to penetrate the online platform market worth 200 billion

through their expertise in UX strategies focusing on ease of use, accessibility for users, closing blind spots and fixing applications hard to use worth 200 billion, through their expertise in UX strategies focusing on ease of use, accessibility for users, closing blind spots and fixing applications hard to use

In this new digital era, using websites and applications through mobile devices have become a daily ritual. Two-thirds of the population are already communicating through their mobile devices. A study from the World Economic Forum shows that 60% of the GDP globally will shift into the digital market by 2022, and Therefore, any businesses or corporations that are not accessing the digital market right now are at risk of being behind trends, and thus risk losing all their market shares permanently. The recent pandemic has increased the number of online-shoppers through both websites and applications to 32%, and streaming media to 42% as a result of people staying home and social distancing.

However, not all websites and applications are able to successfully retain users. A study found out that 53% of users are unhappy with their online experiences and consumers feel brands fail to meet their standards for user experience. In addition to that, statistics show that 88% of online shoppers said that they wouldn’t return to a website or application after having a bad user experience. It is evident from this that there is a significance to having a strong UX Strategy and plan to achieve business goals. By designing UX/UI that solve solutions that are user friendly, we are able to generate a continuous flow of users which helps generate revenue in the long-term.

Jeremie Tisseau, CEO of Morphosis Apps ( - a leading digital consultancy specializing in UX Strategy, product design and development - mentioned the importance of building a good user experience for every platform is crucial and should not be ignored, as planning a UX strategy is the core of building any platform.

“According to research, it is stated that websites and applications that are difficult to navigate create bad user experience and bad impression to reuse it. We are focused and aimed in developing a platform that has a strong UX strategy to provide the best user experience. Our team has over 15 years of experience in designing websites and applications. The latest design trend has been contextual design, meaning designing all content based on the user's behaviors to filter all curated content to display to them. Morphosis Apps provides a service of digital consultancy by covering end-to-end service. From gathering user insights to complete UX strategy planning and related design, to implement a launch to the market that is relevant to the new generation’s behaviors. Capitalizing on strong user experience products, Morphosis Apps has grown 3 times in the last year, and currently holds 5% of UX/UI market share in Thailand. Our clients include local businesses and international corporations such as Agoda, SCB, Bangkok Hospital, Bumrungrad, BBC, FoodPanda, Manulife, TopGear and BCG“

Tisseau also adds that Thailand has one of the highest online activities globally. There are approximately 500 agencies or companies that provide a service of software and platform development, raising the market size up to 100-200 billion THB. Brands are competing to build the best user experience for their own target users, in order to build their brand reputation. This includes big corporations that have started to build internal software to automate workflow. Cloud Technology is another trend that has asserted more and more impact due to its convenience and accessibility. This essentially generates more opportunities in software development.

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